How to choose a car

With the current recessive economic state, buying a car should not be a decision based on emotion; but rather one based on how much the purchase could affect your pocket overall – don’t just think initial capital layout, think long term too. A car is Read More

Don’t start 2015 with a financial hangover

Last year, a survey by Deloitte* indicated that holiday spending increases by an average of almost 5% year on year, this despite an environment where many South Africans are struggling to cope with normal everyday financial pressures. This ‘holiday overspending’ often leads to financial regrets in Read More

It’s about living life on your terms

Most people believe that earning more money is their ticket to financial freedom. Whilst more money can make a massive difference in your life it generally magnifies what you already do with your money. The big (dangerous) myth is that most people believe wealthy people Read More

Your guide to switching banks

Seventy-five percent of South Africans are now part of the banking system, which is a big increase over the last ten years. Typically, once a South African had selected a bank, they tend to stick with it because of the bureaucratic nightmare of changing. However, Read More