Just where did money come from?

Money, it is said, makes the world go round, yet it’s just a piece of paper with some highly specialised anti-forgery mechanisms embedded in to it – but just how did money come about? Many anthropologists agree that money has been used by people for Read More

Appointed as an executor, what now?

Being appointed as an executor of a Will can be an onerous task, and it is definitely not one that should be undertaken lightly, especially if you’re just a regular person with no formal training in Estate law. However with the right assistance, you can Read More

Celebrities who went broke

When it comes to managing your finances, it’s not how much you have, but what you do with it that counts, as is evidenced by America’s most unassuming billionaire Warren Buffet at one end of the scale, and the multi-millionaire celebrities and sports people who Read More

A hikers guide to managing money

A few years ago I hiked the Otter trail in the Tsitsikama forest in Knysna. Getting outdoors like this is something everyone should do because the epic beauty, freedom and fresh air are a real treat. Besides the pretty pictures, I learned very quickly that Read More