The cost of extra mural activities

They tell you how much to expect to pay towards school fees, uniforms and books but if you have a child of school going age, then you know there’s so much more you need to invest in the school other than the subjects he or Read More

The biggest risk to an SME is… the owner

I’m writing this post in response to a great question I received from a very proactive and forward thinking entrepreneur, Pule Letswalo, whom I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging mails with whilst he was completing his financial education provided by Truth about Money. His question: Read More

Steps to get out of debt Part 1

Getting out of debt successfully is not easy. You may have already amassed a number of debts and thinking it will be impossible to ever get out. Here are 10 Steps to get out of Debt. Stop Borrowing More. If you have any credit cards Read More