Super savings tips

When we asked readers for savings tips on the 1Life Facebook page, we were unprepared for the deluge of advice that came through. A large number of you are keen savers and are disciplined enough to save or “pay yourselves first” before you start spending Read More

Till debt do us part

Money mismanagement is a direct threat to the quality and longevity of your marriage. 55% of marriages that end in divorce in South Africa is due to financial pressures in the relationship. This statistic is provided by Lipco, one of the legal service providers to Read More

The habits of rich & successful people

Rich people don’t become rich by accident. So, what habits do they have that you can adopt to become more successful and hopefully make more money? Set goals If you set a goal, you have something discernible to work towards. If the thought of this Read More

Make money count in your family

Your kids may not always do what you say but you’ll find they are really good at doing what you do. This innocently may be the reason that the bank of mom and dad is being pushed into the red. From the time your children Read More

Students on a shoe-string budget

When you are a student, money can be scarce and every cent is sacred. But a recent study by Student Village shows that students today are spending as much as R3 000 a month. The money seems to be spent largely on living expenses and Read More

Estate Planning for beginners

A valid will is only one element of a sound estate plan. If you want to ensure that your family is well provided for after your death there are a number of other factors that you need to take into consideration. Death taxes When planning Read More

5 Money mistakes everyone makes

Normally, it’s not intentional. But make them, we do. Money mistakes are sadly, all too common. And we see it often, when we chat to people who have decided that they want to come to The Money School. Often, because they’ve made one or more Read More