3 Paydays to Christmas

If you’re worried about how you’re going to manage your money around the year’s most expensive holiday season, you are not alone. Luckily, we’ve got a plan to help you through. Author: Hayley Parry, The Money School It should be the season of festive fun, Read More

Break out of the debt trap

Brandon Smith has been working as a paramedic in Port Elizabeth for the past 10 years. His passion and drive for the work that he does is something that he would never consider changing, despite the fact that his income each month doesn’t meet his Read More

Saving: Stop talking, start doing

Recent data retrieved by The World Bank, shows that South Africans are the biggest borrowers in the world with 86%1 of the population in debt. In addition, further statistics indicate that personal savings in South Africa averaged 4.98%2 from 1960 until 2016 – which is Read More

Get a handle on your debt

40 year old Simon from Diepsloot worked hard throughout his career to make sure that everything was firmly set in place for his family in the future. His current job as an I.T Manager at one of Sandton’s big 5 law firms, means that he Read More

The 5 Money habits of a 20-something

South Africa’s debt to financial institutions, sits at a horrifying R1, 63 trillion. Back in 2014, we were also reported to be the world’s biggest borrowers by the World Bank. The excuses for spending money you don’t have are innumerable. From, ‘I grew up poor Read More