Want to start 2017 on a more financially savvy footing? Why not start with the presents you gift friends and family this Christmas? We’ve rounded up our top 3 suggestions for this festive season – and we’ve got an option for every budget too.  

For the kids – free

Truth be told you don’t even have to save this gift for Christmas morning – you can download it for the holidays and let your kids get stuck into earning their own money to use to buy YOU a pressie for a change. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

Yes, I’m talking about the new Standard Bank Kidz Banking App which launched a month ago. Currently only available to Android users, the app is designed for kids aged 6 – 11 years old and essentially a tool designed to entertain and engage kids, whilst their parents explain concepts of money management to them – such as earning, saving and spending. My two favourite things about this app?

  • It links the earning of money to doing work – such as chores – which we advocate in our teaching. In this case a leopard encourages kids to complete “missions” assigned to them by their parents (like loading the dishwasher) in order to earn money.
  • The app is linked to a parent’s smartphone app, which allows parents to stay in the loop regarding what their kids are using the app for.

For the family – Various retailers between R499 and R699

Monoply have released an electronic banking version of their much-loved property trading game. It’s a great way to let the family have fun together, chat about money, investing and earning an income from property – whilst also giving younger members of the family the chance to experiment with their own banking cards for the first time.

We’re really excited about this edition of the game and would love to see it being used by forward thinking parents who’d like to increase their kids money IQ whilst also ensuring the family has fun at the same time! You can buy the game here if you’re interested.


For the bigger kids – R160

Suitable for teenagers all the way through to retirees – Warren Ingram’s latest personal finance book is entitled How to Make Your First Million and it’s packed full of feel good stories of South Africans who’ve made themselves (well over) a million bucks off the back of hard work and clever money management. It’s also filled with great advice on how you too can do the same – from SA’s former top financial advisor of the year.


The best part? All the proceeds from the book go towards the Serendipity trust, set up by the Ingram family to directly impact the lives of young South Africans through education.

*Hayley Parry is the Co-Founder of The Money School, an independent financial education company proudly associated with the Truth About Money. She’s already brought her goddaughter one of the gifts on this list, in the hope it starts building her financial IQ.