Most bad money managers believe their financial problems will go away if they just earn more money. Unfortunately when they do achieve this goal their financial troubles never seem to go away. In fact, it just gets worse.

This is because they only have a goal of earning more money so they can fix their current financial problems. They don’t have a wealth building strategy but rather a survival strategy. (If you think this is what you may be doing then aren’t you getting tired of just trying to survive?)


Where do you start?

You must decide where you want your financial life to go and write it down. You should then discuss this with your partner and write down both your goals.

Here’s what a goal will do for you:

1. It will stop others from deciding what’s good for you. It will put control back in your hands. We’re not sure if you’ve worked out that unless you decide what you want to earn, someone else will decide for you.

2. Making spending decisions will become much easier for you – When you know that you and your partner are working towards an overseas trip together, it is easy to know when to stop spending.

3. Even if progress is slow in the beginning, you will know that every month your life is getting better and better. This will motivate you to do more so you can have more. This is how wealthy people do it.

4. There is nothing better for your kids to see than mom and dad chasing down a goal. This by the way, is also the best excuse in the book for why spending has been cut.

Here’s what to do if you feel it’s time to take control of your financial life and start achieving your goals:

Go to the Financial Education page to read up more and apply. This is a short high impact course that has been developed between Boston College and The Money School specifically to equip an ambitious go-getter like yourself with a well thought through game plan.

It covers everything from how millionaires become wealthy to getting rid of expense debt that may be causing you too much pain.

You will be able to complete this course at any of the Boston Colleges country- wide and the bonus is the Truth about Money team will pay for you if you qualify when applying. We really look forward to helping you achieve your financial success!

Author: Truth About Money