You’re never too old to build wealth

Over the last few weeks I’ve been perplexed by a number of challenging statements that have come my way by some of the more mature folk I have been chatting with online . Consumers who have left planning for their retirement late, believe quite strongly, Read More

How to build a future on R1 300 a month

Sibusiso came to me for financial help. Like millions of South Africans, he struggles to make ends meet – which isn’t surprising if you consider that he earns R1 300 a month working as a security guard part time. But, unlike many South Africans, Sibusiso Read More

How to choose a car

With the current recessive economic state, buying a car should not be a decision based on emotion; but rather one based on how much the purchase could affect your pocket overall – don’t just think initial capital layout, think long term too. A car is Read More

Take advantage of Compound Interest today

American playwright, Tennessee Williams was right on the money when he said that “you can be young without money but you can’t be old without it” so the question is: why aren’t more people taking advantage of compound interest when saving while they’re still young? Read More