Part 3 of ‘The Baby Business is Big Business’

If you’ve been following our blog posts on how to prepare for the arrival of your mini-me, you may not need much convincing that becoming a frugal father or money smart mommy is the way to go. Excellent! If that’s the case we’ve prepared a couple of tips to help you prepare for your baby.


Keeping your baby fed and happy is one of the most important jobs you’ll have – from the moment your baby arrives and the nurses help your baby latch to all the years later. Sadly, the issue of feeding one’s baby is often fraught with conflicting messages – both from health care providers, other moms and friends and family who mean well but don’t necessarily help confused and tired new moms. If you’d like to breast feed your baby, one of the best – and free – resources, there is a lot of information online and many ‘new mommy’ groups you can refer to. Lactation Consultants can also help you get it right in the beginning, and although you may think their fees are expensive, it would still be more expensive to bottle feed in the long run, when you take into account bottles, formula and sterilising equipment.


This one is rather self-explanatory isn’t it? Babies need to do their business and we need to make provision in our budgets for the seemingly endless packs of disposable nappies our babies go through every month. A new, and increasingly popular alternative these days however are to use the new and improved versions of cloth nappies that’ll you see in boutique baby stores or being sold by other moms. Not only are they environmentally friendly, these nappies will save you a few thousand rand over the time you’d be buying disposable nappies – particularly if you plan on having more than one child. Once again, there is a group on Facebook where South African moms can enlighten you.

General baby equipment:

Need something new for each new phase your baby is going through? First it’s a rocking chair, then a play gym and a baby bouncer. And before you know it you’ll need a walker to help your little one get on his feet. If you’re buying all these items new, every time, it’s going to start costing you a fair whack. Same applies to some of the big ticket items you’ll need to look at before baby arrives like a cot and pram for example. The best bet? Borrowing from friends or family, or buying them gently used and selling them on again when your baby no longer needs them. This group on FB helps moms buy and sell second hand baby paraphernalia, as does Don’t forget about Gumtree either – there are lots of baby and toddler items for sale per region on their site too.

Author: Hayley Parry Money Coach at The Money School