Saving: Stop talking, start doing

Recent data retrieved by The World Bank, shows that South Africans are the biggest borrowers in the world with 86%1 of the population in debt. In addition, further statistics indicate that personal savings in South Africa averaged 4.98%2 from 1960 until 2016 – which is Read More

Save energy, save money

According to the City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management, leaving a light on in an empty room overnight, uses the same energy as it takes to make 1000 cups of tea! Did your mind just do a back flip over that stat? Because ours Read More

To buy or to rent?

In this current economic climate, it’s hard to gauge whether making a purchase on a property is better than renting. It’s all very relative as not everyone has immediate access to cash which is obviously the dream. If you have R2 million in cash and Read More

5 ways to get your kids to cut costs

Times are tough and cost saving has become essential, even in households that are financially comfortable. At the same time, many parents  shudder at the idea of denying their children life’s pleasures and comforts, and try to avoid making them anxious about money. But spending Read More