20 ways to save money

Baby Steps: Small Savings In order to get started saving money, it can help to take it in small steps. Consider these options for saving money a little bit at a time: Always buy in bulk items you need always like rice, pasta, tinned food, Read More

7 mistakes that will keep you in debt

Being in debt is an everyday reality for 19 million South Africans who juggle necessities such as school fees, utilities bills as well as the general cost of living, sadly it’s a reality that many are also in denial about. If you’re one of those Read More

Steps to get out of debt Part 1

Getting out of debt successfully is not easy. You may have already amassed a number of debts and thinking it will be impossible to ever get out. Here are 10 Steps to get out of Debt. Stop Borrowing More. If you have any credit cards Read More

Take charge of your finances today

You don’t need a qualification in financial planning in order to take charge of your money – tackling your financial goals simply requires the same technique and mind-set as that of reaching any long-term goal – break it down into sizable pieces and tackle these Read More

It’s not too late. I promise you.

Before you had a chance to catch your breath, we’re already one month down into 2015! How did that happen? Have you even had a chance to start working on those financial resolutions you set for yourself? No? I hear you. Life… well, happens. And Read More